Beach Lifeguard Course Preparation Checklist

The following table contains everything you need to know, have and be able to do for your Beach Lifeguard course.
  Intensive Weekends
16 years or over at start of course Essential Essential
18 years or over Recommended Recommended
Medically and physically able to take part in training Essential Essential
Notify trainer of any medical conditions / medication being taken Essential Essential
Complete a 400m pool swim on your front without stopping Essential Essential
Complete a 400m pool swim on your front in under 8 minutes Essential Working towards
Surface dive to a depth of 2m without damage to hearing Essential Working towards
Run 400m in under 2 minutes without feeling fatigued Essential Working towards
Pre-course swimming practice and general fitness training Essential Recommended
Previous open water experience (swimming, surfing, canoeing etc) Recommended Recommended
Provide proof of awards/qualifications already held Essential Essential
Read all information provided about the course Essential Essential
Bring packed lunch/money for food each day (microwave and kettle available) Essential Essential
Complete pre-course reading as suggested by trainer
Recommended Recommended
Further reading/revision at home over duration of course Essential Essential
Attend every session
Essential Essential1
Be in current personal membership of RLSS UK Recommended Recommended
Be in current personal membership of NSVL Included2 Included2
Pay an £80 deposit to confirm place on course Essential Essential
Full length wet suit (5mm recommended3) Essential4 Essential4
Wet suit boots Essential4 Essential4
Wet suit gloves Recommended4 Recommended4
Rash vest Recommended Recommended
Layers of warm clothing Essential Essential
Swimming kit (trunks/costume preferable to shorts) and towel Essential Essential
Red/yellow quartered neoprene hat for visibility in open water Provided Provided
Personal resuscitation pocket mask Provided Provided
Copy of RLSS UK publication Beach Lifeguarding Provided Provided

1 - As weekend courses will be set to run well in excess of the required minimum number of hours there is some leeway if you have to miss a session for unavoidable reasons, though it is better to attend every session as any skills missed will have to be caught up on.

2 - A year's membership to NSVL is included in order that you are covered by our insurance. This also means you can join in with training at the club after you have qualified.

3 - A full length wetsuit of 5mm thickness is recommended, though if you are experienced in open water you will know what is best for you. During summer courses short length wetsuits may be suitable for those used to the sea.

4 - Wet suits, boot and gloves can be hired from us, however it is best to have your own, especially if you intend to continue with your training.

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