Rules for the pool

Members and parents please take note to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time at the pool.

Pool entry

  • Pool sessions start at 5:30pm for Rookies or 6:30pm for adults. Please ensure you arrive in good time.
  • Members and Rookies attending the pool session should register at the desk and pay the appropriate pool entry fee (where applicable).
  • Lifeguards should arrive early and sign in the diary at the desk (you are entitled to free pool entry). Report to the Lifeguard Captain or delegated senior lifeguard for your duties.
  • Teachers and assistants should arrive early to help set up the pool and sign in at the desk (you are entitled to free pool entry). Please note in advance any weeks where you will be off, or contact the Lifeguard Captain at the earliest opportunity if you are not going to be present in order to arrange cover.
  • All those taking part in pool sessions should be in current membership of NSVL (except those on initial taster sessions).
  • Parents please notify us if your child will be away for more than 3 weeks, otherwise they could lose their place.


The building is cleaned before we enter - please make sure we leave it in the state we found it as far as possible!

  • Outdoor shoes must not be worn on poolside (blue overshoes are available for parents who need to come onto poolside, or take your shoes off!)
  • Swimmers must not walk through into reception / onto the balcony without appropriate footwear.
  • Muddy shoes must be taken off before entering the changing rooms to avoid trailing mud through.
  • Litter should be put in the bins provided.
  • Any equipment, tables, mats etc used during sessions must be returned to the place they were found.

Hygiene and swimwear

  • Long hair must be tied back properly.
  • Jewellery must not be worn during training sessions.
  • All swimmers should shower before entering the water.
  • All swimmers should wear appropriate swimwear:
    • For boys/men this means swimming trunks or shorts (long or baggy shorts are not suitable for speed swimming).
    • For girls/women this means a one-piece swimming costumer (bikinis are not suitable for lifesaving training).
  • Swimming caps are provided for Rookies and should be worn (extra caps can be purchased at the desk).
  • Everyone is advised to wear goggles while swimming in order to avoid collisions (parents please ensure goggles are correctly adjusted for your children).
  • All swimmers should bring a t-shirt suitable for wearing in the water for use during training.

Lanes and pool areas

  • Obey all safety and information signs on poolside.
  • Use of the diving boards and platform is not permitted within NSVL operating procedures.
  • During adult sessions there will be at least one lane available for general swimming.
  • Our pool sessions are busy and everyone is competing for a limited amount of water. Please have consideration for others and show good lane etiquette at all times to ensure everyone can have an enjoyable swim.
  • Swim clockwise or anti-clockwise as directed by the sign on your lane.
  • Those wearing fins must show particular consideration for others around (and behind) them. FINS SHOULD NOT BE WORN WHILE WALKING ON POOLSIDE.
  • If you require use of a particular pool space for an activity please speak to the Lifeguard Captain.

...and finally...

  • Please lend a hand to tidy away equipment and put on the pool covers at the end of the session. Many hands make light work!
  • Remember to collect all your personal belongings, including goggles, t-shirts, flip flops, watches etc before leaving. Left items will, if you're lucky, end up in the lost property box, but if you're unlucky you'll never see them again!
Download this file (Pool Codes of Practice 01.08.11.pdf)Pool Code of Practice[ ]534 Kb
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