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Trainee Lifeguards Etienne Lamy-Smith and Jodie Urwin with NSVL Chairman Joe Welsh and Cllr Dave McGarr on the rampNSVL now has a purpose built ramp for launching a rescue boat, but no boat to launch from it...and we're looking for local businesses or individuals who can help!

The North Sea Volunteer Lifeguards, based on the Central Lower Promenade in Whitley Bay, store a variety of rescue craft in an equipment store under the main deck of the promenade, previously only accessible by some eroded steps.

Now, a new ramp has been built as part of North Tyneside Council’s £400,000 major strengthening works to the sea defence wall at the Central Lower Promenade in Whitley Bay.

NSVL Chairman Joe Welsh said, “We use the store for a variety of rescue equipment such as rescue boards, and we asked the Council if they could improve access to it as part of the works. The new ramp means that we can access our equipment much more safely and it also gives us the facility to launch rescue boats – however at the moment we don’t have a boat to launch from it!

“We have acquired two old boats which, with the help of a generous £500 donation from the Barbour Trust, we hope to make one seaworthy again as a runaround in flat water, but it would not meet the requirements for rescue boats. Now we have a proper launch facility, our aim is to get a brand new inshore rescue boat so that we can provide first class training for candidates attending our courses and additional safety cover on evenings and weekends for the beaches of North Tyneside outside of North Tyneside Council's beach lifeguard service hours.”

The club is looking to local businesses or individuals who would be willing to sponsor a new boat with the opportunity to have their name or logo permanently displayed on the distinctive craft.

Councillor Dave McGarr said, “North Sea Volunteer Lifeguards work with the Council to ensure we can provide enough highly-trained and qualified lifeguards to patrol our beaches in the summer months. Building a ramp as part of the promenade strengthening works is just one way we can help them assist our own professional lifeguard service. It would be great if they had a brand new club rescue boat which they could launch if needed this summer."

A new rescue boat will cost anywhere from £8,000-£10,000 and will be fully equipped to launch and operate in the surf conditions of the North Sea.

For more information on sponsoring us to purchase a new rescue boat, please visit this page.
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