How to renew

NBLQ qualifications last for two years, during which you must complete 20 hours training and get it signed of by a Trainer Assessor.  To apply for a renewal, please read the following then complete the attached form:

·         NSVL runs renewal assessments on the last full weekend of every second month (February, April , June, etc) – with the pool part of the assessment at 6.30pm on Saturday and all other parts on Sunday. The assessments will only be booked if people register within the appropaite time frame.

·         Assessments may be able to organised at other times but this depends on availability of Assessors. Anyone wishing to do this should contact the Training Centre Co-ordinator well in advance (at least one month before the envisaged period of assessment).

·         The renewal assessment MUST be fully completed BEFORE your current National Beach Lifeguard Qualification expires.

·         Your current National Beach Lifeguard Qualification card and logged training records (at least 20 hours in the preceding 24 months) MUST be presented to the Assessor before the assessment starts, otherwise the assessment will not be able to take place.

·         Assessment fees are set by RLSS UK and may vary at any time, in which case the cost increase will be passed on to the candidate. 2012 fees are as follows: Life Support 3 £11.00, Beach Lifeguard renewal £16.00 (£24.00 for a new candidate).

Next Assessment:

Pool Assessment 28th of April, Beach Assessment 29th of April

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