Regional Lifesaving Championships 2014

11 NSVL members took part in the Regional Lifesaving Championships at Chester le Street Leisure Centre on Sunday 6th July.

The competitors faced a dry incident, which included a non-breathing casualty and hypothermic casualty, and a wet incident which involved non-swimmers, injuries on poolside and an unconscious casualty.  Competitors needed to use their initiative to prioritise casualties, ensure an ambulance was called and recover as many casualties as they could to poolside.  A special mention must go to Emily Mulligan, who was moved up from 'Senior Pairs' to the 'Individual Ladies' category on the day and did a great job of managing the incidents on her own, and also to Jack Walder who was paired with a competitor from another club right at the last minute. 

A rope throw followed and our practise and tips from our coach Nick Golder paid off, with seniors throwing 12m to a casualty down to 8m for Rookies.  Our 'Junior Boys', Nat Walder and Jarvis Elson-Veale, and 'Rookie Boys', Sam and Flynn Matthew, showed good accuracy and throwing skills, all recovering their casualties within the 90 second limit.  

Cordelia Moor and Megan Johnson shone in the Swim and Tow event, swimming 50m to pick up a casualty and towing a further 50m.  Daire Truemann and Eloise Pegg were definitely our most determined pair, putting their all into the swim and checking out the competition on either side to check they were winning!

All of our competitors did us proud and we hope they enjoyed the day.  Thank you to Nick and Paula for organising the competition and overseeing training, to parents who came to support and to Rachel, Sasha and Adam for helping with training and acting as casualties on the day.

If you are interested in taking part in competitions speak to Nick or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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