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This page will be updated with news on our beach base move.  


NSVL have resided on the Central Lower Promenade on Whitley bay seafront from 1998, with two units on the upper level and a boat store underneath the promenade where we stored numerous rescue boards and kayaks.  The club has known for a number of years that North Tyneside Council planned to 'revamp' the seafront at Whitley Bay, demolishing the existing promenade.  This, however, was a slow process.  In 2014 we were given notice that we would need to vacate the base by mid-2015.

Current situation

We have gained temporary accommodation at Tynemouth Longsands, in the NTC base next to the South Ramp onto the beach.  We have also been given permission to hire a container to store larger equipment.  The Longsands base in its current state will be manageable as a temporary measure however due to a lack of training space and facilities it is not practical in the long term, as we will be limited in terms of the training and courses we can run.  We are still in talks with NTC to secure a permanent base.


11th July
- Committee members arrived for the morning beach session to find the promenade blocked off.  A decision was made to clear out as much as we could while we had lots of helpers around.  Parents, instructors and committee members rallied to take equipment home to store in garages and spare rooms, we even managed to persuade some passing grass cutters to transport our rescue boards on their trailer!

16th July - Our story was published in a number of local newspapers, including the News Guardian, Evening Chronicle and the Journal.

25th July - Members moved all remaining equipment from the Whitley Bay base and moved it to Longsands.

28th July - Local media reported that we had been offered temporary accommodation.


26th August 2015 - 5 members made a start on the decorating, painting the inner walls of the beach base.  There is, however, a lot more work to be done!  Joe, James and Elliot have compiled a detailed 'to-do' list to get the beach base up and running as a training centre and work parties will be taking place regularly over the next few months.  Get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are able to help in any way.








19th September 2015 - We held our official 'moving in day' at the new base, with members returning equipment that they've been kindly storing over the summer.  Volunteers have been busy all week preparing the base for the move, which included painting walls and floors and putting up shelves, hanging rails and benches.  Thanks must go to everyone involved in the move.  View the beach base gallery to get a closer look.


If you can offer us anything from man hours to useful contacts please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Press enquiries can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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