Adults (over 16)

See below for joining info.

Juniors (age 7-15)

Junior membership is charged at £19.50 per month by Direct Debit which covers all pool and beach training sessions, awards/badges/certificates/manuals and annual NSVL membership. £30 SLSGB Individual Membership will need to be paid when you first join but subsequent years are currently included within the monthly fees. Those under 16 will only be able to join straight away if we have a space available.

Please check the swimming requirements below and complete the online form if you would like to pre-register for a junior space (you can pre-register before your child meets the below swimming requirements). There is no charge until we are able to offer you a space.

Swimming Requirements

Ages 7-10

NSVL does not specifically teach swimming, so it is expected that new members have a reasonable swimming ability before joining.

The recommended ability level for members joining the club is to pass the outcomes from Stage 7 of the Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway relevant to lifesaving.

We recognise that not all members will be able to meet the recommended ability level on joining, so we also have a minimum standard which allows people to join while working towards the recommended standard:

Recommended swimming ability, all groupsPush and glide and swim 25 metres back stroke (or lifesaving backstroke).
Push and glide and swim 25 metres front crawl.
Push and glide and swim 25 metres breaststroke.
Perform a movement sequence including: Sculling: head first, feet first; Rotation: forward or backward somersault, log roll; Floating: star on the front or on the back, tuck float; Eggbeater: Moving, lifting one or both arms out of the water
Perform a sitting dive or dive.
Push and glide and swim 100 metres continuously.
Tread water for 30 seconds.
Climb out from deep water without using the steps.
Minimum standard, Age 7-8Can swim 10 metres of front crawl.
Can swim 10 metres of basic breast stroke.
Can swim or travel 10 metres on the back (any method including paddling or sculling).
Can jump into deep water.
Can tread water for 30 seconds.
Minimum standard, Age 8-11Can swim 25 metres recognisable front crawl without fatigue.
Can swim 25 metres recognisable breast stroke.
Can swim or travel 25 metres on the back (any method including paddling or sculling).
Can jump into deep water.
Can tread water for 30 seconds.
Swimming pre-requisites table

For children who join only being able to meet the minimum standard it will be a condition of membership that they continue being taught swimming in addition to NSVL sessions until they are able to meet the recommended standard.

Our groups are structured by age with annual pathway through different stages of the lifesaving programme which will give your child the opportunity to pass age-based awards at the earliest opportunity. Due to our assessments for awards being in April we work out groups based on your child’s age on 1 April.

There will be a full new cohort of 7-8 year olds taken on each September when we resume back at our pool sessions after the summer. This is for those who turned 8 after 1st April or are 7 and will turn 8 by 1st April in the following year.

Spaces will also be offered in other classes throughout the year when they become available, however there will be smaller numbers of spaces as it is usually only when existing members leave that a space will become available. Therefore it is best to join from age 7-8 to avoid disappointment.

Age 11-15

The recommended swimming standard above must be met for all members joining at age 11+.

Spaces will also be offered whenever they become available, however the number of spaces will be limited as it is usually only when existing members leave that a space will become available. As some of these classes have a set programme to cover the syllabus from September to April it may not be possible for new starters to complete the same award as the rest of their cohort.

Age 16+

Those over 16 can join NSVL at anytime. There is no specific swimming pre-requisite for general adult membership, but you should be a confident swimmer. There are swimming pre-requisites for lifeguard courses which are listed below, but you can still join and we can help you improve your fitness and technique if you’re not quite yet at the required standard.

To join please email

For your first taster session you will need to sign up to a free SLSGB Taster Membership; this can be done at When you decide to join you will need to pay £20 annual NSVL membership and £30 annual SLSGB individual membership. These memberships give you access to our pool sessions and beach sessions at no further charge. If you subsequently go on to complete a lifeguard course with us the NSVL membership fee will be deducted from the course price. If you regularly volunteer in any capacity then your NSVL and SLSGB membership fees will be paid by the club.

The Pool and Beach Lifeguard qualifications have specific swimming pre-requisites that you must meet if you wish to go straight onto one of our courses.

Pool Lifeguard pre-requisites

  • Jump/dive into deep water
  • Swim 50 metres in no more than 60 seconds
  • Swim 100 metres continuously on front
  • Swim 100 metres continuously on back
  • In deep water, tread water for 30 seconds
  • Perform a surface dive
  • Climb out unaided without a ladder or steps

Beach Lifeguard pre-requisites

  • Swim 400m continuously on front in the pool in under 9 minutes*
  • Run 200m on sand in 1:00

*The time required at point of assessment is under 8 minutes for the Beach Lifeguard Qualification. For the Surf Lifeguard Qualification and RNLI fitness tests for employment it is under 7:30 (and first 200m in under 3:30). For those who struggle to achieve the standard the Surf Lifesaver award covers the same skills with a 9:30 timed swim. Although this is not recognised as a full lifeguard qualification it can be used for providing safety cover for club sessions.